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Upon opening in 2000, Sports Illustrated labeled Cascata, a stunning Rees Jones masterpiece located in the mountains a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip, “golf’s hidden treasure.”

Ever since, the jaws of golfers have been dropping while enjoying the immersive Cascata experience, which begins by walking into the 37,000 square foot clubhouse where a river runs through it (it must be seen to be believed). The gushing sounds of water soothe the soul, and the personal greeting from an attentive staff signals the beginning of an unforgettable day.

Your name on a locker is another unexpected touch and provides a VIP feeling plus a souvenir upon the day’s conclusion. During the round, a tour caliber forecaddie will provide proper direction while also sharing stories and tall tales, like the time John Daly tried to drive the par 5, 18th green or when Tiger Woods walked on water (doesn’t he always?).

Master architect Jones twirled his design magic over 800 acres at Cascata, with each individual hole a work of art and singular in nature. Much of the round will be played in seclusion as groups are buffered by scenic southwest desert areas and hills where sometimes bighorn sheep frolic.

“Deep canyon walls frame each hole, much like the sand dunes of Scotland,” says Jones, the U.S. Open Doctor. “Ancient streambeds have been brought to life, and natural rock outcroppings and manmade water features make Cascata as much an oasis as nearby Las Vegas.”

Some golf course rankings can be taken with grains of salt, while others are coveted and well-earned. The latter is what has been bestowed upon Cascata.

Esteemed Zagat raters once voted Cascata number one in the United States for golf facilities and in 2018 Golfweek ranked Cascata #2 in Nevada. Golf Digest included it as #60 in the 2017 America’s top 100 resort courses you can play and the list is long of other accolades. Also, word of mouth is off the charts when spread the old-fashioned way or throughout today’s many social media channels.

But the only ranking that truly matters is the significant, “to each his own”, so now could be time to experience Cascata. You’ll be glad you did.

1 Cascata Dr.
Boulder City, NV 89005

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