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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wolf Creek Golf Club

Golfers take note: Wolf Creek, consistently ranked as one of America’s Top 100 Public Golf Courses, is more than Nevada’s ultimate golf experience.

In the “Journal Report: Golf” printed by The Wall Street Journal, Wolf Creek was included in a July 2011 spread on fabulous golf holidays that have proved resilient through the downturn. “The topography is surreal, so take your camera as well as your clubs,” writes journalist Linda Jackson. “Golf at Wolf Creek is an exciting rollercoaster ride over and through the dramatic Mesquite canyons, just one hour from Las Vegas.” Further into the article she continues commenting on the beauty of Wolf Creek, “Expect awe-inspiring 360 degree views, plenty of elevation changes and lush green fairways that contrast vividly with the surrounding red rock mountains, steep cliffs and rocky ravines.”

Wolf Creek Golf Club was recently presented with the highly coveted “Fans’ Choice” award from Golf Digest, honoring Wolf Creek as the number one public golf course in the United States. “The game of golf is all about the experience with the course,” says Mr. Ginella, Golf Digest Senior Travel Editor.

“And the fans have always spoken highly about the unforgettable experience of playing at Wolf Creek. As a result of its popularity with players for its beauty, allure and playability, Wolf Creek Golf Club was voted the number one public golf course in the United States.” Wolf Creek faced off with the top public golf courses in the United States through a Golf Digest Facebook contest, pitting 64 of the top 100 US public courses against each other in a March Madness style tournament, and came out on top.

2011 in general was a great year for Wolf Creek, both on and off the course. The national media bestowed several unique honors upon the course, cementing its reputation as one of the best national public golf courses in the United States. Golf Digest published their bi-annual 100 Greatest Public Courses list, which placed Wolf Creek as the #28 public course in the United States, as written by the Golf Digest travel editors.

Golf Week’s Martin Kauffman left Wolf Creek impressed by the layout of the land, and by the course, “What Pebble Beach and Bandon Dunes Resort do for seaside golf, Wolf Creek does for Desert Golf. It shows the art form at its finest, all the while leaving you with one stunning vista after another.”

Want to see for yourself? With stunning elevation changes, distinctive water hazards, pristine white-sand bunkers and lush greens rolling across the high desert landscape, you’re going to remember playing Wolf Creek for the rest of your days. From the double-dog-leg 579-yard par-5 opener to the last putt around the 18th green’s distinctive water hazards, Wolf Creek is a breathtaking ride through ever-changing elevations.

There are five sets of tees for golfers of all skill levels, so whether you’re playing at home or on the course, we advise you to choose wisely.

Wolf Creek Vacations has teamed up with the recently renovated Eureka Casino Resort in Mesquite to offer complete vacation packages that can include pool-side garden patio rooms or two-bedroom suites with luxury private spas. Explore your frontiers this season with a Wolf Creek getaway adventure.

403 Paradise Parkway, Mesquite, NV 89027

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